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Last Major Overhaul: 2004

The WHS data network was completely redesigned and updated in 2004 as part of the building renovation project. During the renovation 4 data drops were installed in each classroom and the entire switching infrastructure was updated. Finally during the renovation the heart of the network was moved from a small room (8x12) into an appropriately sized network operations center that now houses our network equipment (14x28).

The Current Data Network:

At the center of the Data network is a Cisco Catalyst 4510R switch chassis. This chassis supports 10 line cards. Currently we have 2 supervisor engines, 1 fiber card, 2 Gigabit Ethernet modules, a POE 10/100 module, and two 10/100 network modules, for those counting, slot 10 is unused at this time.

We support 9 IDF’s which serve the Gym, Teched, and the ROTC building, and six areas of the main building which cannot be serviced by the Data Center. 7 of the 9 have Two 48-port switches that service the areas of the building.


We are in the process of migrating our servers from a physical server environment (1: 1 ratio of physical servers to operating systems) to a virtual environment (1:many ratio of Physical servers and operating systems).

  • We currently have 6 Physical application or data servers
  • We currently have 3 ESX Servers, serving 12 virtual operating systems
  • We currently have 3 devices serving our Storage Area Network

All but two of our servers run Microsoft Windows Server 2003, we have one Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and one Microsoft Windows 2000 server.

To Support our virtualized environment we have implemented a Storage Area Network with a capacity of approx. 4 Terabytes.

Virtualization Project:

Between July 1 and August 31 2008 Winnacunnet High School implemented 3 VMware ESX servers, a Storage Area Network, and a mirrored SAN node.

The goal of this project was to reduce power consumption in our Network Operations Center, reduce cooling, and increase the amount of rack space that could be utilized.

Reasonable Expectation of Privacy:

Students, Faculty, Staff, and anyone who accesses the school’s network have no expectation of privacy. All information stored on the schools servers, sent or accessed in e-mail, and Internet activity is monitored and can be accessed by school staff at any time.


Data on our servers is backed up using Backup Exec to 3 tape devices. Tapes are cycled every other week. Data located on our servers stays on our servers until the user, or the system administrator deletes the data. Backups of that data are retained no longer than 13 days after it is backed up.

E-mail Archiving:

All e-mail that is accessed, or sent from Winnacunnet network is archived for 60 days. This includes e-mail messages that are sent through the WHS e-mail system, or through services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and any other e-mail provider. All e-mail can be read in plain text along with any attachments.

Internet Logs:

Our content filter is able to both block access to websites as well as log internet activity for each user.

Internet Logs for the academic year are purged between July 1st and the start of the upcoming school year. This is a manual process performed by the network administrator.

Student Data from home folders and Network Accounts for students:

Data that students choose to store on the network servers is deleted 1 year after their graduation. As our storage needs increase, this practice may change. Network accounts are disabled immediately and deleted at the beginning of the next school year.

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