Senior Seminar Resources


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Your Senior Seminar is a culmination of all you have learned during your years at Winnacunnet High School--your opus magnus. The Hawley Library staff is committed to providing all of the necessary tools to complete your project. Newspapers, magazines, archival and reference sources--all are available at the Hawley Library!

Sources for information outside of WHS

Local Newspapers:


Newsbank to search the Union Leader and Concord Monitor

EbscoHost For national articles from magazines (i.e. Time, Newsweek) and scholarly journals (i.e. New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard Business Review).

Laws, policies, etc.

Depending on your topic, you may need to look at school policies, town ordinances, state laws, and/or federal laws. Our reference collection includes the New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated, but there are several other sources for legal and policy information. Town offices, elected government officials, and public safety personnel can be valuable assets to your research. Use the weblinks below to help find the best source for you.

School and Local Policies

State and Federal Laws

  • NH Revised Statutes Online - searchable state statutes
  • - find elected and appointed officials in state & federal office, profiles, information on doing business in NH, the state Constitution, and much more.
  • Federal Legislation - searchable current proposed and established legislation

We have (and you can check out):

  • Digital cameras
  • Audio recorders (cassette and digital)
  • Camcorders

Tips on Using the Library and Our Computers

  1. Because space is limited, we advise you to get a library pass from us either before school or during the break. Senior Seminar teachers can send only five (5) students to the library per block.
  2. Classes get first priority for computers; we cannot guarantee one will be available to you. Always have a back-up plan with something you can work on if you can't use a computer.
  3. Laptop computers do not leave the library.
  4. Save early and save often! Never have only one copy saved of your work, images, etc. In addition to your documents, you can have a backup saved on thumb drive, or send as an attachment to your school and/or home email.
  5. We are happy to help with your presentation production (Powerpoint, video, photos, etc.). Just ask.
  6. Do not save revision over your originals - you may need them in future mentoring sessions. Save your revisions under new names. For example, if "introduction.doc" is your original, your first revision could be "introduction10.12.06" (where 10.12.06 is the date of revision); your second revision would be "introduction11.02.06" (where 11.02.06 is the date of revision); and so on.

Good Luck on your Senior Seminar Project!