GED Option


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General Educational Development (GED) Option Program

What is the Winnacunnet GED Option Program?

  • The GED Option Program offers students an alternative process for completing high school. The goal is to pass a test covering language arts/writing, social studies, science, language arts/reading, and mathematics.

  • The basic framework of the program requires that students receive at least 15 hours of instruction in GED preparation each week plus a minimum of one other approved activity. This required activity could be an academic class in the Winnacunnet day program, or it could be an approved work-related class or activity.

  • As soon as students have practiced and can show mastery of the subject matter in each sub-test, they may register and take the GED test at either the Dover or Exeter Adult Learning Center.

Who is eligible for the GED Option Program?

  • Any currently enrolled WHS student may apply, and if accepted, the student will attend tuition free. Any interested student should contact his/her guidance counselor or the Director of the GED Option Program (758-9233).

  • Student must be reading at or above the 8th grade level. All student applicants must be tested.

  • Students must also be a minimum of one grade level behind their original high school class in accumulated high school credits.

Where and when will the GED Option Program occur?

  • Students enrolled in GED Option Program will attend classes from 5:00-9:00 PM every Monday –Thursday at the Winnacunnet Adult High School.

  • There will be a lab time available during day school for GED Option students to log in hours.

How can a student access the GED Option Program?

  • Each qualifying student and his/her parents/guardian will be invited to a team meeting to discuss all possible options.
  • Once the student and parent/guardian choose the GED Option Program, an application must be completed and signed by all parties.