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Spanish Club


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Spanish Club

Spanish Club is where students come together and talk to one another in Spanish. También en el club de Español jugamos juegos en español, como Manzanas a Manzanas. (Also Spanish club plays game in Spanish, like Apples to Apples.) We hang around, play some games, and try to learn some new words to say in Spanish. Also, when the club is almost done for the school year, we go on a trip to eat at a Columbian, Mexican, Spanish restaurant, or see Spanish dances, etc.


Every other Thursday from 2:30 - 3:30


Presidente : Halie White

Vice-Presidente: Darrell Orozco

Secretaria: Grace Primavera

Poseedor de Eventos: Ally Demello


Señor Cross room in the Spanish department in room C119

¿How do you Join?

You can join Spanish club by simply coming in on one of our meetings and just hang out and speak Spanish. Also you don't need to take any Spanish classes to join the club or know anything about speaking Spanish. Just come to the club and have fun, maybe you'll learn some new words in Spanish.


The teachers that will help us around in Spanish club are Señor Cross and Señora Jimenez.