Student Activities



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These groups bring you together with others of similar interest. You will not only form new friendships but add to your enjoyment of high school life.


This club gathers bimonthly to student stars and constellations. There are some after school meetings and an occasional movie night.

Dance Team

This team will participate in school, community, and competitive events while giving dancers opportunities for creative expression and development of graceful movement.

Drama Club

Students who are not necessarily involved in school-wide drama productions meet to enjoy the theatrical arts in a non-competitive, after school setting. They participate in community activities such as the Haunted Hayride in the fall.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

A group of scholar athletes come together for discussion and reflection on important issues.

GSA - Gay/Straight Alliance

An alliance that strives to promote greater understanding among members of the student body.

Outdoor Leadership

This club will provide outdoor experiences in hiking, safety/first aid, indoor climbing, orienteering, and an outdoor community service project. Leadership skills and environmental ethics will be integrated into all of the activities.

Science & Nature Club

This club is intended to widen students knowledge of their environment. Field trips, bird watching, and camping are among the activities of this organization.

Writers’ Club/Poetry & Fiction Gathering

Student writers meet monthly for the purpose of sharing and appreciating each others’ talents.