Student Activities

Service Organizations


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These experiences provide opportunities for service to our school and town communities. Either individually or as part of a group, you will be giving to others as you volunteer your time, effort, and caring.

Amnesty International (9-12)

This club unites the efforts of students, faculty and staff of high schools across the country. Students write letters, distribute petitions, and otherwise raise consciousness about civil rights abuses around the world.

Big Brother/Big Sister (11-12)

Under the auspices of the Exeter chapter of this national organization, WHS students will be trained to mentor younger students in SAU #21 schools after the school day.

Community Service (9-12)

This is a strictly volunteer initiative whereby students give of themselves to their community in community service organized activities. They fill out verification forms called purple sheets (located in the Student Activities office) for these activities. All community service must be verified and returned to the Student Activities office within 65 days of the activity. Their service hours are recorded and placed on their transcripts in the Guidance Department.

Homework Club (9-12)

This group of volunteers provide after school support every Wednesday for eighth grade students. Winnacunnet students serve as mentors, tutors, and good role models for students who soon will be entering high school.

Interact (9-12)

This Rotary-sponsored organization brings together students and local business persons to work on community and international projects. Frequently Asked Questions about Interact.

Winnacunnet Community Band(9-12)

Each summer, under the direction of the WHS band director, a group of musical students and adults perform concerts in local area venues.

Lighthouse Kids (9-12)

The mission of the Lighthouse Kids is to save and maintain the White Island Lighthouse Station at the Isles of Shoals. This will be achieved by fundraising, creating awareness and partnerships with all parties interested in saving the lighthouse.

SADD (9-12)

Students Against Drunk Driving is a national organization developed to educate students and to help them make positive personal decisions.

Winnacore (9-12)

This is an honor society for students who document and maintain a high level of community service. When a student has reached a total of 50 documented community service hours, he/she will be notified and will be given the opportunity to apply for membership in Winnacore by filling out an application obtained in the Student Activities office (D102).