Student Activities

Academic Focus


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These activities will help you to investigate interests, utilize your particular talents, and strengthen your skills.

Destination Imagination (9-12)

Students participate in local, regional, state, and national level challenging academic competitions.

Future Educators (9-12)

For prospective educators, this club provides opportunities for exploring the teaching profession.

Granite State Challenge (9-12)

Interested students, often with specific areas of expertise, compete against other teams from New Hampshire schools on Channel 11 NHPTV.

Life Smarts (9-12)

Students learn about practical life skills online and then compete with other schools, both within New Hampshire and nationally.

Totem Literary Magazine (9-12)

Student editors meet to read and select student and faculty literary works to include in the three volumes that are published each school year.

Math Team

Students with high mathematical aptitude join the WHS math team.  Weekly practices prepare students for competition with other New Hampshire schools.

National Honor Society

Selected students qualified in academics, character, and leadership are invited for induction into the Society, Universal Honor Society procedures are followed for choosing members who work together on yearly community projects.

Winnachronicle Newspaper (10-12)

Students gather news, take photos, write graphics, contact advertisers, do computer layout, and distribute the school newspaper, the Winnachronicle.  This class meets daily as well as after school and evenings.

Play Production (9-12)

Two productions, a winter play and spring musical, are scheduled each year.  Students must audition for roles and many also services as technical assistants.

Project Search (10-12)

This cooperative program, sharing learning experiences at UNH with twelve area schools, features monthly seminars followed by small group discussions.

Quill & Scroll (11-12)

The Winnacunnet Charter of the Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society for High School Journalists was granted in 2010. The organization was founded by renowned pollster George H. Gallup and a group of high school advisers for the purpose of encouraging and recognizing individual student achievement in journalism and scholastic publication. Student membership is based on academic standing, evidence of superior work in some phase of journalism or school media, and media supervisor's recommendation. More information can be found at:

Engineering Team (9 -12)

Students work in teams to design, build, and test a robot to compete in several of the regional VEX robotics competition events. Biweekly work evenings and practices are held in the fall and early winter.

Washington Group Studies (Close-Up)  (10-12)

Students raise funds during the year to spend a week in April in Washington, D.C., where they get a first-hand look at how their government works.

Sachem Yearbook (10-12)

This course combines practical experience in photography, writing, graphic design, and layout, small business management, accounting, sales and marketing to produce the yearbook, the Sachem, as the culminating project.